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Jerohi Oppus's Testimony

It takes being childlike to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. At the height of Jesus's Ministry on Earth, he taught the necessity of being "like a child". A child is generally dutiful, meek and submissive. They are free from evil intentions and negative views. They are carefree and trusts wholeheartedly. As a classic worship song says, "Teach me to have a childlike heart, Free me to be undignified.Teach me to have a childlike heart, Free me to dance all over my pride."The psalmist understands the value of having a heart like a child's. It frees people from inhibitions due to doubt and pride. Just like the case in this short video.After his basketball game, Jerohi Oppus and his dad, Arthur Oppus, went to visit a patient who couldn't walk nor stand up. Upon hearing God telling him to pray for the man, Jerohi simply did as told. The man was then able to stand up without his dad's help. It was also evident that the patient's posture was getting better.Jerohi, at the age of 10, saw a need and submitted to God's desire for the man to be prayed for. Without second thoughts, he asked the man if he was willing to be prayed for. With that childlike gesture, God's healing was released on Earth.It may take a few tries for us adults but we are all work-in-progress. The next time you see a person in need, offer that person a prayer. We are all commissioned to partner with God in bringing the fullness of His will on earth.

Posted by Jesus Reigns in Vallejo on Friday, May 5, 2017

JRM Vallejo 1st Sunday Service and New Church Site

Partial Video Shoot at JRM Vallejo Christmas Party 1st Sunday on newly renovated church sanctuary Dec 21, 2014

Posted by Jesus Reigns in Vallejo on Sunday, December 21, 2014

Worship Leading Training

Posted by Jesus Reigns in Vallejo on Saturday, August 31, 2013