Education and Training

In Jesus Reigns Ministries, we value the importance of education and training. To be effective in the work that He has called us to do, we designed a ministry that makes sure those who want to serve God through the Church get enough exposure and training. It is also ensured that they are equipped with biblical principles that will support them in their personal walks with Jesus and their relationship with the community.

The main tasks of this ministry are to conduct vision and strategic goal setting which helps define vision and goals as a key leader among staff and elders; to assist the staff in developing new ministry programs; to assist the church’s ministries in developing ministry plans that achieve ministry goals; to develop and recommend strategies for ministry growth and program development.

Pastor Noreen is the head of this ministry. She is also the Executive Pastor of Jesus Reigns Ministries Church.

Worship, Audio and Creative Ministry

Evangelism and Missions

Church Care and Ushering

Prayer and Fasting

Children’s Ministry

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