“Later, knowing that everything had now been finished, and so that Scripture would be fulfilled, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.” – John 19:28 – physical and spiritual dryness.

Are you experiencing drought in your life right now? Whether it be a physical and spiritual dryness, Jesus is the answer.

Let’s take a look into this 5th phrase in the last 7 phrases that Jesus Christ left us before His death on the cross.

I am thirsty

I Thirst' - Meaning of Jesus' Words on the Cross

As Jesus Christ said this, what do you think exactly does He mean? Does He really mean that He’s physically thirsty? Or is this like one of His parables where He implies things?

Let’s look at the situation.

He said this after hours of hanging on the cross. With the persecution that He went through the whole day, plus the excessive amount of physical strain He experienced carrying the cross, His body is definitely starting to fail.

We must not forget that at this moment, Jesus Christ is still in a physical, corruptible, and human body. Therefore, whatever exhaustion we are feeling, He felt that too.

Thus, there’s a great possibility that this statement is not just a parable or a fulfillment of the scripture – it can also mean the physical suffering of Jesus Christ.

Let’s get to these points and possibilities one by one.

Fulfillment of the Scripture


Many scholars agree that this 5th parting word of Jesus Christ is a fulfillment of the scripture found in Psalms 69:21 which says, “They put gall in my food and gave me vinegar for my thirst.”

This, we can totally agree. One of the reasons why we believe that Jesus Christ is the one and true Messiah that God sent is because of His fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies. So, definitely, this is a fulfillment of the scripture.

But is that all there is to that?

Physical Exhaustion

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If we walk under the sun for more than an hour, like 12-noon sunlight in the tropics, you will definitely feel the parchedness of your throat, and if you continue that for hours, for sure, you’ll get dehydrated.

Now, put this in the picture. Jesus had to carry the cross, from morning until noontime, and right after that exhausting feat, He was nailed to the cross and hang there for more than 3 hours…without drinking anything.

As a man, it is impossible for Jesus Christ not to feel anything after all these.

You may ask, why not just give up? Why does He need to ask for water if He’s dying anyway?

Scholars say that this is because it’s not complete yet. Even before this happened, Jesus already knows what is going to happen and how everything will need to be done. So, He is waiting for the right moment. And this time is not yet the time for Him to give up. He still has some more things to fulfill.

Thus, His request for something to quench His thirst is just so that He can last a little bit longer.

Spiritual Dryness

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Amidst the physical exhaustion, there’s also a spiritual dryness.

At this moment, God chose to hate Jesus Christ and turn away from Him to fulfill the sacrifice that He had to make for mankind. This is why God chose to leave Jesus and look at Him with wrath.

God placed His wrath and judgment for mankind to Jesus Christ so that He can claim salvation and redemption once and for all.

This is another dryness that Jesus felt. He has lost His connection to the Father and thus, He felt empty, alone, and dry.

Not only was He talking of physical thirst but also of spiritual. And thus, He cried out.

Are you suffering?

If you are suffering from physical or spiritual dryness right now, know that Jesus Christ was exactly in that situation. He suffered and felt physical suffering and spiritual dryness during the lowest point of His life here on earth.

We call on to you to pray and tell God, “I thirst”. He understands and He can help you.

Jesus loves you and He understands what you’re going through and where you are at this point of your life. Don’t hesitate to come and lay it all down at the foot of the cross.
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