Primary Task

Disburse all funds received into the church treasury in a responsible and organized manner with funds identified and bills paid when due, so that the mission and ministry of the congregation are supported and strengthened.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Plan, formulate to implement and execute the Pastor’s Theme, Purpose, Vision and Goal as far as treasury is concern
Disburse all funds contributed to the local church budget, keeping accurate records of how funds are spent.
Prepare accurate monthly financial reports indicating the financial wellbeing of the congregation.
Work according to the policies and procedures established by the administrative board/council/leadership team.
Participate in and report regularly to the Board and appropriate congregational meetings and inform the congregation of specific financial concerns as directed by church leadership.
Ensure there are adequate records documenting the assets of the church for insurance and other purposes.
Make recommendation for the investment of excess funds (if any).
Ensure that all church property is appropriately covered by insurance for casualty and liability losses.
Ensure that all governmental taxes, reporting forms, and regulations are met on a timely basis.
Maintain confidentiality of all financial information pertaining to giving and givers.
I have read and understood the requirements for this position and I can perform the essential responsibilities for this position.

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