We are excited for this year’s Thanksgiving! There is no better way than to celebrate this season than with all the people we are thankful for.
Different cultures and traditions set aside time in their calendars to give thanks for blessings even before the establishment of the Thanksgiving Celebration. A good harvest, success in government and even for a newborn baby became some common reasons for people to hold a special day for the purpose of expressing gratitude.  In America, Thanksgiving Day was established to commemorate the Pilgrims and their first harvest. Thus, it was originally called Harvest Festival.
To us believers, Thanksgiving comes naturally. It is a part of our new nature in Christ. To feel grateful is the response of the heart once it realized how good God is. Therefore, we’d like to share with you three things we are grateful for this Thanksgiving.
The Finished Work of Christ
If there is one reason we celebrate this day, we can all say that the work of Christ is more than enough to be thankful for. People are hopeless on our own but through Christ, they now have a reason to keep going. We keep pursuing the expansion of His kingdom here on earth. We stand as lights that point to Christ and the salvation He offers to anyone who believes in Him.
Our JRM-Vallejo Community
Whenever we think of the people entrusted to us at JRM-Vallejo, we could not help but thank God for the way he brings people together. We are grateful for all the volunteers and workers in the different ministries in our community. Your hard work and dedication is a fuel to our desire to do our best for His glory. You are all awesome!
In a smaller scale, we are also thankful for each family that has become an integral part of the church. We are thankful for the fathers and mothers who entrust the young people and the children to our Youth Ministry and Sunday School Ministry. We appreciate your resolve to bring the family to Christ, to know Him and to pursue His will.
God’s Faithfulness and Providence
When God guides us to do something for Him and His kingdom, it always accompanies provision. Throughout the years, God has been so faithful to us in providing what we need to continue in the work entrusted to us. This year, we’ve created events and celebrations that allowed us to share the gospel to the more people and God has provided. Indeed, if it is His will, it is His bill.
When it comes to our Thankful List, we feel that the list will just go on and on. God is alive and He is doing wonderful things in our midst. He is actively  working on the lives of the people whose hearts have been devoted to Him.
Thank you, Jesus!

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