For most of us, the month of December marks the end of the year. This is the time we contemplate on the things that we have encountered, lessons we have learned and victories we have achieved.
For our leaders at JRM-Vallejo, the month of December means all of those things mentioned above and MORE.
On December 16, 2017, our Ministry Heads gathered to prepare and plan for 2018.  Different ministries and their heads presented their proposed Calendar of Activities for the coming year. The process was fun, exciting and inspiring. Seeing leaders act on their God-given roles and demonstrate their passion for their respective ministries  is a great motivation for the church.
During the meeting, different ministries worked together on their schedules, making sure no activities are redundant through  merging similar activities or giving up some weeks for other ministries to hold their events.
We have a great year ahead of us JRM-Vallejo!

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