Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Plan, formulate to implement and execute the Pastor’s Theme, Purpose, Vision and Goal as far as magnification ministry is concern.
Coordinate with the pastor or assigned preacher regarding theme of the worship service, special programs, selection of hymns and choral music.
Organize and supervise recruitment of members into the music team and programs.
Train music leaders and members in choral techniques, appreciation of sacred music, participation in worship, and call to leadership.
Supervise the selection, purchase and maintenance of musical instruments, resources and equipment.
Assign Special Number/Presentation every Sunday service for the offerings and other special events.
In coordination with other ministry team, Plan and Organize Special Presentation throughout the years for special Sunday services i.e New Year Service, Easter Sunday, Mother/Father Days, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries and Christmas as examples.
Maintain an accurate inventory of instruments, equipment and supplies.
Plan and organize concerts, festivals, musicals and dramas.
Plan trips, concert tours, retreats and workshops.
Prepare appropriate music for weddings and special services.
Plan an appropriate budget.
Support work of committees, officers and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church.
Attend regular staff meetings.
I have read and understood the requirements for this position and I can perform the essential responsibilities for this position.

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