The Bible portrays stories of men and women who had done great and wonderful things in the name of God. We read about the journey Israel and the prophets witnessing the providence of God in all their situations.
We also see that these people are far from perfect. Elijah reached the point of despair, asking God to end his life. Jeremiah was a prophet who was seldom heard by his audience and was often mocked.
Yet, there is a common theme in these stories; a constant force that moves whether seen or unseen. The hand of God favors those who have set their eyes to follow His will. No matter how difficult the situation is, God’s promises remain true. He is faithful; He will finish what He has started and He will keep His word.
If you are going through tough times, we encourage you to lift up your eyes and look at things from the perspective of God. With faith, persevere in your journey and keep pushing forward.

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