Summer is just around the corner and with that comes various summer activities — summer camps, sports camps, summer vacation to another place, and summer jobs. There’s just so much exciting things to do and new things to try… and you’ve been waiting for this the entire year.

So, with all the activities at hand, how do you avoid setting aside your relationship with God? How do you stay in touch and not make excuses to serve God?

You must “be fervent in spirit, and serve the Lord” (Romans 12:1) and here’s some idea on how you can do that.

Find opportunities to connect with God in everything you do. Before the summer kicks off and before you get caught in the onslaught of various summer activities, you need to have a schedule that’s dedicated for Jesus alone. You can actually incorporate your 1-on-1 time with Jesus on some of your activities. Here are some of the things you can do:
Go out for a snack or ice cream, turn your mobile devices off and read the Word.
Pack a lunch, explore a new place and thank the Lord for what’s around you. You can call this your “A Day with the Lord” day.
When you’re going for a run or going to the gym, why not take your iPod with you and listen to some Christian music or an inspiring sermon?
If you’re out with friends to see some sports tournament, take time to pray for each player as you watch on your seats. Ask God to protect them and for the Spirit to make them an instrument to bring His kingdom to this world. Or if you’re friends with any of the playing team, you can ask them to gather together and say a short prayer before starting the game.
Memorize one verse of the Bible each week. This would amount to about 10 verses by the beginning of another school year. Invite a friend to do the same and find creative ways to recite the verse differently every day. Examples:
On the first day of the week you can write the verse down on a post-it.
The next day, you can chalk it to your wall.
On the third day, you can learn reciting it using a different or foreign language.
You can draw a picture to represent the verse on the next day.
Or write it down your journal the following day.
You can also create a tune and sing the verse. Or recite it to a family member or friend.
Project SMS. This is your “Secret Mission Service”. At least once a week, commit to do a secret service for someone in the name of Jesus. Here are some ways you can do this:

Write words of encouragement or a prayer for a person you choose in a card or a piece of paper. You can either mail it to them anonymously or leave it in their mailbox or in their path.
Take time to find out their favourite things, hobby, foods, etc and leave small gifts to show them God has made them intentionally unique and special.
Offer to help him / her with chores like weeding the garden or mowing the lawn without asking for any compensation or recognition in return.
You can also approach him / her and say something like “God is working through me and you are special. Is there any way I can help you today?”

The point is, you can still do all those fun summer activities without abandoning your responsibility as a Christian youth.

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