God calls each and every one of us to a life of prayer. No matter how long we have been a believer, or how long we have been saved, there is always room to grow — and growing in prayer is the best possible way that we can improve.

For most of us, our journey in prayer and with God starts when we were first introduced by a parent or an adult to a Christian life. Then as we grow we become more experienced disciples of the Lord and more mature believers. Our growth in God’s ministry should be never-ending, just like our prayer journey.

Prayer connects us with the Holy Spirit, who energizes us to love and serve God, our love for God then allow us to love others.

“He who remains in Me, and I in Him, bears much fruit. For without Me you can do nothing” -John 15:5
Jesus made it clear that we can’t fulfil our ultimate destiny if we don’t grow in prayer and mature in our spiritual lives. However, we can’t have a fulfilled spiritual life on our own. We need to abide in Christ and draw energy from the Holy Spirit, and we can do this through prayer.

Prayer as a journey

As we take time to grow in prayer, the Holy Spirit moves in a powerful way in our hearts and lives. We may not see an improvement in our lives right away, but that’s not normal as prayer is a journey.

If you are committed and disciplined with your prayer journey, you will soon experience a vibrant dialogue with God that will result in many answered prayers and will change your life for the better.

Begin the next stage of your journey in prayer NOW.

Now is the best time to grow in prayer. But how does one achieve growth in prayer? By actually praying. You mature in praying by praying more.

Prayer is a place of encounter, a way to experience the love of God and receive his blessings; it is an act of partnership with God, and much more.

Seeing Delight in Prayer

We love Jesus, but sometimes we see prayer as a duty that we have to endure as children of the Lord, hence some of us dread the daily hour of prayer. For some praying and reading the Bible becomes boring and confusing, especially when we do it by ourselves.

Understanding prayer

The first step to finding delight in prayer is to learn what prayer really is and why the Lord insists on it. When we finally learn the answers to these two questions, we’ll soon have a new perspective of prayer. We’ll start seeing it as more than just a religious duty to endure.

Prayer is a call to share in the love that’s within God

God created us to share His love, not because He has or because He’s lonely. God has no needs. The Holy Trinity — Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit — are fully satisfied in the joy and love that they have shared together even before we were created. Yet the Lord created us to take part of their joy and love.

Love is the core of our relationship with God, and love is the essence of salvation. It is the foundation for understanding prayer.

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