Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God. –Jim Elliot
Some writers have already dubbed our generation as the most distracted generation to ever live. Our lives are full of options. We will never run out of things to choose from; from the sizes of our drinks to the types of furniture to install, and even the careers we pursue.
We are used to looking everywhere to get the best deal, the most comfortable shoes, and the most appealing jobs. This does not necessarily mean that it is wrong to explore choices. In fact, we should celebrate the privilege of being able to choose.
However, as a result, we may be distracted from living at the moment. When things become difficult, we tend to look for an easier route, an easy escape. We refuse to endure and persevere because we know that there are better things out there.
This new year, may we learn to lean on the One who has written the scrolls of our lives. May we learn to trust His timing and His purpose. Our prayer is for everyone to never lose heart and to always approach the throne of God with confidence, knowing that His finished work is enough for us to gain access to the deep things in God’s heart.
Let us all walk into the path that has been paved for His through His Spirit. May we endure and persevere until we experience the promises He has for us.
Happy New Year, JRM-Vallejo Fam!

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