The fourth Sunday of July,  now recognized as National Parent’s Day, became an official holiday in 1994. It was signed into law for “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” People are encouraged to recognize the   hard work and the exemplary roles of parents who are responsible and committed to the welfare not only of their families but also the communities they belong.

Parents take the most crucial role in the lives of the next generation. They are the first to demonstrate what it means to protect, to teach, to provide and to communicate. They become the role models through which children get an initial view of the world.

We have gathered some tips for you to make the this year’s National Parent’s Day extra-special:

1. Go Out and Have Fun


When was the last time you had a family outdoor activity? There are many ways for the family to celebrate outside the four corners of the house. The family can go for a hike, spend the day at the beach or surprise them by joining a hobby they enjoy doing!

2. Create an Awesome At-Home Experience


If there is one thing that can truly surprise your parents, create the best at-home surprise by doing a couple of things. Getting the household chores done puts you to a great start. After-all,  Who can resist a clean list of things to do! Next, make dinner for your parents. Never forget to the test the dish first (wink). After dinner, watch their favorite movies with them or get a copy of the movie they have been eager to watch.

3. Show Appreciation for Them and for Your Family


If there is one thing that you should never forget to do on this day, it is to clearly and effectively communicate how much you appreciate their work they do for the family. Create cards or scrapbooks that show them memories you have created through the years.

4. Pray for Your Parents

Do not let this day pass without praying for your Mom and Dad. Lift them up before the Lord. Give your heart out and bless the work of their hearts, their minds and their health.

The web is full of more detailed tips to celebrate this day. We hope that these few things we listed here could jump start you as you think of the many wonderful ways to celebrate the lives of your parents.

We are again inviting you this Sunday at Jesus Reigns Ministries Church for our National Parent’s Day Celebration. Come and celebrate with us! If you are a parent or functions as a guardian, be there this Sunday as we will explore what the Bible teaches about parenting and we will dig into our relation with God as our Father.

Jesus Reigns Ministries Church is a close-knit community of families. Bring your parents this Sunday, July 28, 2019 and help us make this day special for all the parents out there. See you!

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